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This 1967 Cessna 150G became known as Casper. It officially arrived at the hangar on a trailer March of 2017. After an extensive restoration project by the young Clube Members, Casper began flying in June of 2018. Unfortunately, Casper was lost along with a Clube Member in a fatal accident in September 2019.

In June of 2017, this Glass Air III project was donated to the Aero Clube. As bad as the young Clube Members wanted to build this hot rod of an airplane, it was decided that it would be best to sell it and get something that better suits the Clube's needs. The Glass Air was sold in September 2017.

In November of 2017, with proceeds from the Glass Air III sale this 1976 Cessna 150M affectionately called 35Ugly was purchased as a flying restoration project. Through the next couple of years, the Clube Members upgraded the avionics package, replaced all the windows, overhauled the engine, and gave her a completely new paint job. The project was completed in December 2020, and is still flying and training the young Clube Members.

In July 2018, a collection of Luscombe 8A Silvaire parts were donated to the Clube. After discussing the price of insurance with our agent it was decided to trade the Luscombe parts for something more docile. Two weeks later, the Clube traded the Luscombe parts for a 1946 Cessna 120 project. It is currently waiting in line for the Clube's attention.

In December 2019, this 1976 Cessna 150M was purchased with the insurance proceeds from Casper (the 1967 Cessna 150). It was purchased as another flying restoration project. The Clube Members have updated the avionics and overhauled the engine. There is a paint job in her future after the Clube Members finish a few other projects.


In September 2020, this Experimental home built CompAir 6 was donated to the Clube by the widow of the builder. After trying to sell the aircraft for some time it was decided that it be best to simply part it out. The engine was removed and sold and the avionics were retained for future use.

In September 2020, this 1973 Cessna 172M was donated to the Clube by a family in Louisiana.  The aircraft is undergoing a complete frame up restoration. The airframe was completely disassembled, stripped of paint, corroded sheet metal replaced, and a base coat of white paint applied. The aircraft was then reassembled. Clube Members have also overhauled the engine and are currently installing a modern day touch screen avionics system in the instrument panel.  Anticipating first flight in March 2024.


In October 2020, this Experimental homebuilt Acro Sport II was donated to the Clube by the builder who decided it was time for him to stop flying. The Clube Members performed a Condition Inspection on the airplane and it was sold in June 2021. Proceeds from the sale have gone to finance the avionics purchase for the SwampHawk.


In May of 2023, this Piper Comanche was donated to the Clube by the family of the owner after he passed away. The aircraft had been sitting for over 20 years and the Clube was looking forward to restoring the airplane until we were informed by the Insurance company that they would not insure the airplane. Ultimately, the aircraft was sold in November 2023 to help finance other projects.


In November of 2023, this Piper Arrow IV was donated to the Clube by the owner. A quick call to the insurance company confirmed that we could get insurance coverage. The aircraft has not been flown in 3 years and needs some considerable maintenance in order to return to service. The young Clube Members are looking forward to restoring the airplane and using it to earn valuable complex aircraft time. Currently projecting the aircraft will be flying March of 2024.

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