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The Restoration of 'Casper'

1967 Cessna 150

performed entirely by teenage Clube Members

Casper on a test flight

Tango Thirty One Aero Clube at EAA's AirVenture 2018


TANGO THIRTY ONE AERO CLUBE volunteered with the CAF Gulf Coast Squadron - Flight Line Services at the 2017 Breckenridge, TX Airshow. Along with all the hard work, we enjoyed getting to meet the pilots and the teams that put these great shows together. There is a lot that goes into bringing an airshow to town and the Aero Clube Members got to see some great behind the scenes action and learned a lot about what goes into creating a safe and exciting airshow!

Alex gets his Private Pilot's License

Skinny gets his Private Pilot's License

The Professor gets his Private Pilot's License